Wit and Humor
Updated January 2007
"Wit and Humor" chapter of the Online TDM Encyclopedia The VTPI Online TDM Encyclopedia contains jokes and witty quotes in many of its chapters. We try to find ones that relate to transportation and demand management, but some we just think are funny. The jokes are introduced in the "Wit and Humor" chapter, but you must follow the link to find the punchlines.
Leonine Features to Enhance Bridge Capacity This paper by Walter Kulash, Sandy Curran, and Jay Hood outlines the historic role of bridge lions, summarizes current research in the field and offers a state-of-the-art method for computing their impacts on traffic capacity.
Litman's Planetizen Blogs VTPI Executive Director Todd Litman shares information and insites in blogs posted on Planetizen, a public-interest information exchange for urban planners, designs, and developers.
Salvation by Bicycle Listen up all miscreants and malefactors. Today we discuss the seven deadly sins as they apply to cycling.
Heard Underground The following announcements were all heard in the London subway system and reported by visitors to the "Going Underground" website.
Humorous Road Signs Some road signs have more than one meaning.
Cycling Route Perfect For Heavenly Bodies If a flying saucer drops down and offers you an interplanetary ride you can show those nice aliens that earthlings are as good at mountain biking as any life form in the galaxy.
Those Kinky Autophiles Are car lovers perverts? Listen as they describe cars as "sexy," "beautiful" and "lovely." See grown men fondle the latest trinkets and tassels sold as automobile accessories. This autosexual behavior is a form of fetishism.
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